TruckLogics fleet management software gives you everything you need to track, analyze, and improve your fleet operations in one place

Setting up your business on TruckLogics

Business Details

The business details section contains all the pertinent business information, including details like your business’s address, display name, & contact details.


The Less Than Truckload (LTL) dispatch software allows you to include dispatches which are less than truckload & can include details for multiple loads, destinations, & routes, all in one dispatch. With the IFTA add-on, quarterly IFTA returns are calculated based on the information in your Trip Sheets, and then populated directly into a report with filing instructions.



The "Loads" tab enables you to track loads from inception to completion and every step in between. Simply hit the “add new” button & add in the order details.


Here, you can assign loads, drivers, & equipment to a dispatch, with or without loads. You can even move the dispatch through the system from "unassigned" to "delivered" with a click of a button. Click here to learn more about Trucking Dispatch Software


Create custom invoices by including your logos in our invoices section. Generate reminders about payment due dates & keep all your accounting secure & accessible in our cloud system. Click here to learn more about Trucking Accounting Software


Get a snapshot of your business in your reports section. Whether you’re generating a Profit & Loss report or a license expiry report, all the details are displayed in an easy-to-read report.

Odometer Settings

Keeping track of your odometer readings on all vehicles is a breeze with TruckLogics’ system. In the settings menu, click whether you wish to use check call, fuel up, or truck zone odometer readings to calculate reports, and you’re good to go.

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Invoice Due Dates

Customize your due dates or choose from a standard length of time in our invoices section. In addition, you can send clients invoice reminders at timed intervals through our automatic email system.

Dispatch Pickup Alerts

With our pickup alert feature, you’ll never have to worry about where your load is again. With the click of a button, your drivers can alert you whenever they pick up or deliver a load.

Truck/Trailer License & Insurance Expiry

Costly fees for expired licenses or insurance policies are a thing of the past with TruckLogics. You can view all your license & insurance expiration dates in your report section & even set automatic alerts for when they are due.

License Expiry & Medical Card Renewal

In your reports section, all your deadlines are available for you to see, with optional alert messages when an expiration or renewal date approaches. You’ll never miss a deadline again!

Scheduled Maintenance

Save on repair costs by getting automatic maintenance reminders for your trucks & trailers. With TruckLogics it’s easy, just schedule alerts and you'll be notified when maintenance deadlines approach.

Tax compliance filing due dates

Never miss a compliance deadline again. TruckLogics can notify you of approaching tax deadlines & even generate your IFTA returns with the IFTA fuel tax reporting software.

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Load & Dispatch Management

LTL & FTL Loads

TruckLogics allows you to create both LTL & FTL loads in its “loads” section. Assign multiple loads, destinations, or routes, depending on your preferences. All the details of your orders from beginning to end are displayed along with the financials associated with each load for your convenience.

Routing Details

Whether you elect ProMiles routing software to manage your routes or manually input them, TruckLogics keeps track of all your routing details in one convenient location. Routing details have never been easier.

Driver & Equipment

Manage all your drivers, equipment, maintenance details, driver preferences, & expiry dates in your TruckZone. You’ll never lose track of any VIN, maintenance date, or license renewal again.

Check Calls

The check call features allows your drivers to sign in on the road & let you know when they pick up & deliver a load, enabling you to keep your clients informed of the loads progress without a problem.

Trip Sheets

Trip sheets can either be filled out via our ProMiles add-on, a routing service designed for pro drivers, or you can manually input your route, mileage, & fuel stops, making filing IFTA easier.

Trip Expenses

Trip expenses can be recorded in the accounts’ expense section, so you can keep track of all expenses & upload pictures of receipts so you never lose track of where your money is going.

Trip Settlements

Keep track of your payments to drivers in your driver settlements section of your accounts. See who you’ve paid out & who still needs to be paid to manage all your expenses easily.

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Management of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

This section gives you a snapshot of your business at any given time, as both your income & expenses are laid out in easy-to-understand lists for your convenience.

Income & Expense Transactions

Our accounting software is designed to help keep your accounting as accurate & easy-to-access as possible. Input your data to generate reports fast, so you can quickly and confindently make business decisions wherever you are.

Receive Payments

In addition to generating invoices, you can take & record payments in your account via credit card, check, cash, or EFT. You'll also be able to see which invoices are paid, partially paid, or late at any time.


Customize your templates with your logos & email templates either manually or automatically for clients once they’re entered into the system. Track all your invoices without worrying ever again.

Driver Settlements

Pay drivers, make deductions, & figure out factoring expenses with the driver settlements section of TruckLogics. As you input figures, you can keep track of who has been paid & what method you used to pay them.

Fleet Maintenance

Truck Zone

Never miss a maintenance reminder again for your truck or trailer. Just input what type of maintenance needs to be performed & the date, and your Truck Zone will send you an automatic alert when the deadline approaches.


Keeping track of your equipment as a fleet manager is essential, especially when it comes to license & permit renewal & expiration dates. In the equipment section, all of those details are saved & categorized so you never miss a date.

Driver Preferences

Keeping your drivers happy is part of the battle of fleet management. With the driver preferences section, you can be confident that your drivers are kept happy with the correct equipment, payment method, and much more.

Driver Detail Management

Driver Preferences

If your driver has a specific piece of equipment they like to work with, or a specific schedule he or she prefers, you can easily save and keep track of that information in the driver preferences section.

Driver Reimbursements

Since your drivers can input all their expenses & even upload pictures of their receipts straight into TruckLogics, verifying & keeping track of their reimbursements is as simple as ever.

Driver Payments

Whether your drivers use a factoring company or accept direct payment, you can keep track of the amounts you’ve paid via check, cash, EFT, or any other form of payment in TruckLogics.

Driver Settlements

Calculate driver pay based on the percentage of revenue, per mile, per loaded mile, or manually. Hauling charges, fuel surcharge fees, & accessorial fees can be calculated instantly.

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Easy IFTA Record keeping

Quarterly IFTA reporting doesn’t have to be a headache. By using TruckLogics Trip Sheets to input trip data, or using ProMiles to automatically record precise trip mileage. generating IFTA reports is a breeze.

In addition, you’ll be able to locate any route easily by keeping all trip documents in one place. Your library enables you to access the totals needed to complete IFTA returns faster. Since TruckLogics also partners with ExpressIFTA, you can import your business & truck details for even faster filing!

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